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Buying Groups

Help fund scholarships and prizes

The avenue to the Aksarben Purple Ribbon Scholarship Auction starts years before they arrive in Grand Island each September. Deciding to produce a market beef, sheep, goat, hog and/or pen of broilers means months of dedication to the project and maybe years of learning from parents, family members, peers and/or siblings.

The reward is their project is worth a higher education scholarship and they are in an elite class of just 36 fellow exhibitors. The accolade of being selected means their hard work paid off. Each exhibitor will spend hours working with their market animal, doing barn chores all season long, in the snow, rain, mud, wind, and heat. It also means they have a good understanding of feed selections, practicing showmanship skills, and becoming knowledgeable about the animal's health and wellness.

The youth showing market animals all enter the Aksarben Stock Show with the dream of making the scholarship auction on Saturday night. They bring their livestock projects to show and compete against their peers from 14 states. Hundreds of youth compete annually for one of 36 auctions slots. They are dependent on the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundation grants and philanthropic dollars donated towards the auction.

The night of the auction the exhibitors arrive early with their livestock eager to meet the "Buying Groups" (which are comprised of the individuals ready to fund their scholarship.) Buying Groups are formed under corporate names, industry jargon and some are just creative clubs in name only. For example Three Blind Mice; The T-Bone Buying Club, The Grand Island Hospitality Trio, The Cuming County Cattlemen and the Western Nebraska/Colorado Buying Group.

To start a Buying Group you just need cash to fund an auction lot. For example three individuals could each contribute $1,000 and form the "Three Friends Buying Group" with the purchase power of $3,000. Another example is 25 co-workers could each contribute $100 and form the "Hundred Dollar Club Buying Group" with the purchase power of $2,500. Another example is a business could contribute $5,000 and ask two clients to join for $1,000 each. This new club could be named "Business Plus Two Buying Group" and have $7,000 in purchase power.

For details please contact Gretchen Kirchmann at or at 406-396-7316 for a group presentation.

Get Involved - Fund a Buying Group

2019 Grand Champion Lamb

2019 Grand Champion Lamb

Buying Group - Great Western Bank and Koepke Cattle Company 
Today, individuals, businesses, and foundations pledge monetary donations towards scholarships, cash awards and prizes for youth exhibitors thorough establishing buying groups for the Aksarben Purple Ribbon Auction. Each buying group is unique with a common goal of funding the purchase of a single or multiple auction lots. The cash prize is a way for the exhibitor to recoup the costs of production for his/her animal. The scholarship is an award that helps them continue their higher education.

Thank you to our generous Buying Groups:

2019 Grand Champion Goat

Buying Group - Nova-Tech, Pathway Bank, and HLG Inc.
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