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Judges and Superintendents

2019 Superintendents

Calf Challenge Superintendents Bob Meduna & Kodi Gehl
Lamb Challenge Superintendents
Shelby Leonhard & Megan Vanderbur
Beef Superintendents Perry Schulz & Tony Long
Swine Superintendents Jodie Sterle & Kelli Loos
Sheep Superintendent
Kolby Burch
Goat Superintendent
Broiler Superintendent
Livestock Juding Contest Superintendent
Joshua Cribbs
Quiz Bowl Superintendent

2019 Judges

Kirk Stierwalt All Beef Oklahoma
Jeremy Leister Beef Showmanship Oklahoma
Brian Arnold Swine Indiana
Lance Miller Swine Showmanship Wisconsin
Terry Burks Sheep Kentucky
TBD Sheep Showmanship
Dustin Coufal Goats Texas
Lance Miller Goat Showmanship Wisconsin
TBD Broilers
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