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Goat Information

When making your Goat entries

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to review:

Q). How many animals can I enter?
A.) Each exhibitor can enter 4 animals per specie. Eg. 4 Market Wethers or 4 Breeding Does. Or 2 Market Wethers and 2 Market Does. The total in the species cannot excede 4.

Q). If I did not submit DNA on my market animal can I still enter?
A). No, DNA nominations on market animals closed July 1st. If you did not submit DNA by that deadline, you can not enter a market animal in the show.

Q). Do I have to weigh my market animals?
A). Weigh scales will be available for exhibitors to weigh their market animals. Exhibitors will then self-declare the market swine weights utilizing a weigh card system.

Q). What type of identification is required for Goats?
A). Market Goats - must be identified with an official USDA scrapie identification tag.
Breeding Does - must be identified with an official USDA scrapie identification tag. Registered does must be registered by the official breed association.

Q). How will the Breeding Doe divisions be divided?
A). Registered breeding does will be shown by age. Commercial breeding does will be shown by weight.

Q). Is there showmanship for Market and Breeding?
A). Yes, there is showmanship for Market Goats, Breeding Goats. Junior and Senior levels. Showmanship is based on the call-back system from the show classes and all selected candidates will then compete in their respective age divisions at the conclusion of the Market or Breeding Show.
No pre-entry is required for showmanship.

Q). What is the Grand Drive?
A). It is the selection of the Top 10 Market Animals for each species. The Grand Drive will take place at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept 25th.

Q). Where can I find out more on the rules and classes to enter for the show?
A). The Aksarben Stock Show Premium Book contains complete information about the show structure, rules, classes, Grand Drive etc.
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