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DNA Information


NEW in 2023! ALL LIVESTOCK (beef, swine, sheep, and goats, including breeding stock, market stock, and feeder calves) MUST have DNA nominated to be eligible to enter.

DNA envelope orders will open Friday, March 31st. And close June 28th.
DNA Envelopes are due June 30th, 2023 - ALL SPECIES - ALL STATES
*Completed DNA Envelopes must be postmarked no later than June 30th.
*No late DNA orders will be accepted.
- Official DNA envelopes for the 2023 Aksarben Stock Show will be the only envelopes accepted this year.
- All Samples will be in the form of hair (for all species and all states) and must be submitted in the approved envelope.
- DNA nominations may be family nominations. All immediate siblings may be listed on each animal's envelope. (NOT acceptable to be listed on same envelope: cousins, friends, neighbors, etc.)
- DNA samples submitted in an invalid envelope will not be accepted.


*Completed DNA Envelopes must be postmarked no later than June 30th.
*No late DNA orders will be accepted.

DNA order is nonrefundable.

Mail DNA envelopes to:
Aksarben Stock Show
P.O. Box 130
Grand Island, NE 68802

Frequently Asked Questions

Q). Do I write a check or send cash for my envelopes?
A). No, checks or cash will be accepted. DNA envelopes must be paid for via credit card.

Q). We have old envelopes from past Aksarben shows, can I use them?
A). The envelope format has been updated in 2023, therefore the preference is you use the current year's envelopes.

Q). Is this a family nomination system?
A). Yes! Immediate siblings (brothers and sisters) may be listed on the same envelope. Cousins, friends, neighbors MAY NOT be listed on the same envelope.

Q). What happens if I miss the DNA deadline?
A). There will be no late DNA envelopes accepted.

Q). Can I get envelopes after June 26th?
A). Yes, however, you will be charged extra shipping and are still required to meet the June 30th deadline. Orders will CLOSE June 28th.

Q). Does each DNA nomination, for each animal, enter them for the show?
A). NO! DNA nomination is SEPARATE from entering to show. You must first nominate the animals with a DNA sample, then the official entry process occurs in August 2023.

Thanks for your orders! What's the next step?

Submitting DNA is NOT an official entry. Keep an eye out for the entry site to be opened after the DNA deadline.

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