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DNA Information

- 2021 DNA envelopes (printed in navy blue ink) will be the only envelopes excepted this year.
- All Samples will be in the form of hair (for all species and all states)
- Exhibitors must turn in DNA within the 2021 DNA envelope, for it to be valid for the 2021 Stock Show.
- If DNA is submitted in an invalid envelope, there will be a one time notification to the exhibitor of the error
May - DNA Order Form Open

June 25th - DNA Order Form Closed (any envelope needs after this will be charged shipping)
July 1st, 2021 - ALL SPECIES - ALL STATES

DNA is nonrefundable.

DNA Envelopes Post Marked by July 1st, 2021

Send to:

Aksarben Stock Show
P.O. Box 130
Grand Island, NE 68802

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I write a check or send cash for my envelopes?
- No
- DNA envelopes must be paid for via credit card.

We have old envelopes from past Aksarben shows, can I use them?
- In 2021 we are streamlining our DNA envelope process and require the redesigned envelopes be used to submit DNA.

What should I do with my old DNA envelopes, I can't use?
- Throw them away or recycle them.

What happens if I miss the DNA deadline?
- There will be no late DNA envelopes accepted.

Can I get envelopes after June 25th?
- yes. You will be charged shipping and required to meet the July 1st deadline.
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