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Broiler Information

Broiler Show

  • All broilers entered in the show will be sent to harvest
  • Three chickens per pen.
  • Youth are responsible for their own herdsmanship at the show.
  • 13.5 lbs. minimum per pen
  • New for 2021 - 24.0 lbs/per pen maximum
  • Champion and Reserve Champion Pens and Third Place Overall will be DNA tested
  • Random DNA tests will be done at the show.
  • No wing bands or leg bands
  • Exhibitors will have to declare their ‘final weight’ until they declare that is their ‘final weight’ they can weigh and swap chickens within pens.
  • Exhibitors can bring as many of their chickens as they want, but extra chickens that aren’t used will not be allowed to stay in the barn.
  • No carriers will be allowed in the barn.
  • Cost
    • $1.50/bird
  • Orders
    • Come from our source.
    • 25 chicks minimum order per exhibitor
    • 100 chicks maximum order per exhibitor
    • 25 chick order quantities (25, 50, 75, 100)
    • Order Deadline July 1st, 2021.
  • Hatch Date
    • August 10th
  • Exhibitor Receiving Date
    • August 12th or 13th
  • Entry
    • $20 per 2 pens or 1 pen
    • Max Entries per exhibitor - 2 pens
  • Check-In
    • Time and location will be posted on official schedule.
    • Check-in will serve on a first come first serve basis.
  • Health
    • Refer to Health Requirements section.
  • Show Structure
    • If number of entries permit:
      • Light Weight Pen
      • Medium Weight Pen
      • Heavy Weight Pen
    • Places 1-10 will be given.
  • Grand Drive
    • Grand Champion Overall, Reserve Champion Overall and 3rd Place overall Market Broiler Pen will be selected during the Grand Drive Event, Saturday evening, Sept 25th.


Q. Will they have wing bands or leg bands?
A. No.

Q. Can we order our broilers from anywhere?
A. You must order the broilers through the official Aksarben Stock Show source.

Q. Will the broilers be DNA tested?
A. Champion & Reserve Champion Pens will be DNA tested. Random DNA tests will be done on broilers.

Q. Will exhibitors be responsible for their own herdsmanship at/during the show?
A. Yes
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