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Broiler Show

  • All broilers entered in the show will be sent to harvest
  • Three chickens per pen.
  • Kids are responsible for their own herdsmanship at the show.
  • 13.5 lbs. minimum per pen
  • 22.5 lbs. maximum per pen
  • Champion and Reserve Champion Pens will be DNA tested
  • Random DNA tests will be done at the show.
  • No wing bands or leg bands
  • Exhibitors will have to declare their ‘final weight’ until they declare that is their ‘final weight’ they can weigh and swap chickens within pens.
  • Exhibitors can bring as many of their chickens as they want, but extra chickens that aren’t used will not be allowed to stay in the barn.
  • No carriers will be allowed in the barn.
  • Cost
    • $1.40
  • Orders
    • Come from our source.
    • 50 chicks minimum order
    • 100 chicks maximum order
    • 25 chick order quantities (50, 75, 100)
    • Order Deadline July 10th, 2020.
  • Hatch Date
    • August 11th & August 18th
  • Exhibitor Receiving Date
    • August 13th & August 20th
  • Entry
    • $20 per 2 pens or 1 pen
    • Max Entries per exhibitor - 2 pens
  • Check-In
    • Time and location will be posted on official schedule.
    • Check-in will serve on a first come first serve basis.
  • Health
    • Refer to Health Requirements section.
  • Show Structure
    • If number of entries permit:
      • Light Weight Pen
      • Medium Weight Pen
      • Heavy Weight Pen
    • Places 1-10 will be given.
    • 11th and on will be given participation ribbons.
  • Showmanship
    • will follow the show.
  • Auction
    • Champion Pen will sell in the auction. If entries permit, reserve champion pen will sell. Refer to ‘Purple Ribbon Auction’ for details.


Will they have wing bands or leg bands?
- no
Can we order our broilers from anywhere?
- You must order the broilers through our source. Chickens are required to come from our source.
Will the broilers be DNA tested?
- Champion & Reserve Champion Pens will be DNA tested
- random DNA tests will be done on broilers.
Will exhibitors be responsible for their own herdsmanship at/during the show?
- yes
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