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Aksarben 2019

The Aksarben Stock Show, is a regional show open to youth ages 9-19 (as of January 1st, 2019) from Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Nebraska State Fair and South Dakota State Fair DNA will be managed by the Aksarben Stock Show.
- For exhibitors showing at the Nebraska State Fair and South Dakota State Fair, please contact your local Extension Office or FFA Advisor to request DNA envelopes.
- both state fairs will have their respective DNA nomination processes.


Coming Soon

DNA Envelope Order Process
1. Fill out the electronic envelope order form (forth coming)
(provided address will be the one the envelopes are shipped to)
2. Pay for ordered envelopes
3. Once receipt of order/ payment has been received by Aksarben Staff the envelopes will be shipped.

- $6.00 per envelope for all species/ all states plus processing fees.

  • if you DO NOT receive a confirmation email of your order / payment, it was not a successful order
  • all Aksarben envelope orders are required to go through the online process
  • emailed forms / phone orders will not be valid

New for 2019:

- New Aksarben Stock Show DNA Envelope Design
- All Samples will be in the form of hair (for all species and all states)
- Exhibitors must turn in DNA within NEW DNA envelope, for it to be valid for the 2019 Stock Show
  • if DNA is submitted in an invalid envelope, there will be one time notification to the exhibitor of the error
- Exhibitors are required to pay for their DNA envelopes when they are ordered through the online process.


July 1st, 2019 - ALL SPECIES - ALL STATES

Online Entries Open
August 1st - 30th

Late Entry Accepted Online
September 1st - 5th

DNA Envelopes Post Marked by July 1st, 2019

Sent to:

Aksarben Stock Show
P.O. Box 130
Grand Island, NE 68802

Frequently Asked Questions

What needs DNA?
- Market Swine
- Market Lambs
- Market Beef
- Market Goats

What are acceptable forms of identification?
Beef: EID Tag, Tattoo or Visual Ear Tag
Swine: Ear Notch or EID Tag
Goats: Scrapies Tag, Tattoo or EID Tag
Sheep: Scrapies Tag, Tattoo or EID Tag

Do I write a check or send cash for my envelopes?
- Only electronic payments for DNA envelopes will be accepted prior to the shipping of the requested envelopes.

We have old envelopes from past Aksarben shows, can I use them?
- In 2019 we are stream lining our DNA envelope process and require the redesigned envelopes be used to submit DNA.

Do Breeding Animals need DNA?

Do Feeder Calves require DNA?

What happens if I miss the DNA deadline?
- There will be no late DNA envelopes accepted.

Is the entry process for 2019 the same as 2018?
- The entry process is different from 2018.
- DNA envelopes are due July 1st.
- Entries will be open August 1st - August 30th.
- Late entry window September 1st-5th.

Do I have to nominate my market animal in addition to submitting a DNA envelope?
The submission of the DNA envelope will stand as your 'nomination' for the market animal.

Do I have to nominate my breeding animals and feeder calves prior to entry?

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