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Swine Information

Market Swine Show

2018 AK Champion Market Hog
$6,000 scholarship/award
shown by Sage Voegele from Lennox, South Dakota purchased Midwest Chevrolet, Jerry's Sheet Metal, Home Federal Bank, Agi Services Inc. and Valmont
  • To be eligible for exhibition, the youth must have owned and cared for the exhibit prior to July 1st, of the current year.
  • Market gilts and market barrows are eligible.
  • Positive identification is required on all market swine entries.
  • Positive DNA identification is achieved by submitting DNA hair samples from all swine that are being considered for exhibition.
  • EID tags will be used as the official identification method.
Weight Declaration
  • Exhibitors will self-declare the market swine’s weight(s) utilizing a weigh-card system. All weigh-cards will be due at check-in.
  • Show management will reweigh first and second place animals and/or division winners. A 10 lb variance from the weigh-in weight will be allowed. Animals not meeting the 10 lb variance either above or below the weigh-in weight will be lowered one ribbon group and will not be eligible for any champion awards.
  • The minimum weight for market swine will be 230 pounds with a 300-pound maximum weight limit.
  • The official show weight will be the sale weight.
Show Structure
  • Market swine will be divided into classes and divisions
  • Barrows and gilts will show separately in purebred and market
  • Purebred market swine will need to show registration papers at check-in. If registration and animal do not match, they will be moved to the market gilt/market barrow show.
  • The top two animals from each class will compete for Division Champion and Reserve. Division Champion and Reserve will compete for Grand Champion and Reserve Market Swine.
  • Eight market swine will be selected for sale in the Purple Ribbon Auction (eight head). They include Grand Champion Market Swine, Reserve Grand Champion Market Swine, Champion Purebred Market Swine, plus five head as lined up in the show ring by the official Judge with the support of the Stock Show Management
  • All swine selected for the Purple Ribbon Auction must go to harvest.
  • Market Swine
  • Market Gilts, Market Barrows, Purebred Market Gilts, Purebred Market Barrows

Breeding Gilt Show

  • To be eligible for exhibition, breeding Gilts must be owned by the exhibitor prior to July 1st of the current year.
  • All breeding Gilts must be identified with an EID tag.
  • Breeding Gilts will be required to be entered during the entry period.
  • Exhibitor changes of an animal from the registered class to the commercial class will not be allowed after the official entry deadline.
  • papers will be checked at check-in.
  • proper breed paperwork required.
  • Showmanship sign-up.
Show Structure
  • Classes in the Breeding Gilt Show will be divided into divisions.
  • Gilts will be divided by age within the division. Class sizes will be determined by Show officials based on the number of animals at check-in.
  • Gilts will enter the ring by age, show management may combine classes until they reach a minimum class size deemed appropriate.
  • The top two animals from each class will compete for Division Champions.
  • Divisions Champions and Reserves will compete for Champion Breeding Gilt and Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt thru 5th Place Breeding Gilt.
  • Breeding Gilts
  • purebred and commercial
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