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Broiler Information

Broiler Order Info

- must order through online order form
- payment required to finalize order
- 50 broiler minimum order / per household
- 100 broiler maximum order / per household
- orders must be in increments of 25 (ie: 50, 75, 100)
- all orders are final after they have been paid, no refunds will be given.
- orderee will be notified if the order does not meet specific requirements.
- all broiler orders due 6-15-2019 @ 4:00 PM
- Hatch Date: August 14th
- Ship Date: August 15-16th

Order Broilers Here!!

2019 Broiler Order Form

Broiler Show

3:00 - 8:00 PM Check-In - Friday September 27th, 2019
10:00 AM Broiler Show - Saturday September 28th, 2019

- $20.00 per pen or 2 pens for $20.00
- enter through the online entry system
- maximum 2 pens per exhibitor
- 3 chickens = a pen

- free entry fee
- showmanship will be after the broiler show.

The broiler show is a terminal show for all chickens entered.

Minimum & Maximum Pen Weights
- Min: 13.5 lbs
- Max: 22.5 lbs

If enough entries, the show will be split into two divisions.
- Light Weight: 13.5 lbs - 17.5lbs
- Heavy Weight: 17.6 lbs - 22.5 lbs

DNA Testing
- Champion and Reserve Champion pens will have DNA tests done on them.
- Random DNA tests will be done on broilers at the show.

- Champion Pen Guaranteed spot in Purple Ribbon Auction.


When will my broilers be hatched?
- August 14th
When will I receive my broilers?
- August 15th or 16th
Will they have wing bands or leg bands?
- no
Can we order our broilers from anywhere?
- You must order the broilers through our source. Chickens are required to come from our source.
Will the broilers be DNA tested?
- Champion & Reserve Champion Pens will be DNA tested
- random DNA tests will be done on broilers.
Will exhibitors be responsible for their own herdsmanship at/during the show?
- yes
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