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Exhibitor Information

2020 Due Dates

May 1st - DNA Envelope Order Form Open
June 1st - Broiler Order Form Open
June 26th - DNA Envelope Order Form Closed (envelope needs after this will be charged shipping)
July 1st - DNA Envelopes Due
July 10th - Broiler Orders Due @ 4:00 PM
August 1st - Online Entries Open
August 31st - Online Entries Close @ Noon
September 1st - Livestock Judging Entries Due
September 1st - Quiz Bowl Entries Due
September 2nd - Online Late Entries Open
September 4th - Online Late Entries Close @ Noon

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to Aksarben 2020 ?
- kids ages 9-19 (as of January 1st, 2020)

What states can come to Aksarben 2020?
- Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

What needs DNA?
- Market Swine
- Market Lambs
- Market Beef
- Market Goats

What are acceptable forms of identification?
Beef: Visual Tag or EID or Tattoo
Swine: Scannable EID Tag
Goats: Scrapies Tags
Sheep: Scrapies Tags

Is the above ID requirements new ?
- yes. (this is a new policy for 2020)

Do Breeding Animals need DNA?
- No

Do Feeder Calves require DNA?
- No

Is the entry process for 2020 the same as 2019?
- Yes.

Do I have to nominate my market animal in addition to submitting a DNA envelope?
- The submission of the DNA envelope will stand as your 'nomination' for the market animal.

Do I have to nominate my breeding animals and feeder calves prior to entry?
- No
For additional information:
Nebraska State Fair and South Dakota State Fair DNA will be managed by the Aksarben Stock Show.
- For exhibitors showing at the Nebraska State Fair and South Dakota State Fair, please contact your local Extension Office or FFA Advisor to request DNA envelopes.
- both state fairs will have their respective DNA nomination processes.

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