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2024 AKSS Goat Challenge Application

The 2024 Aksarben Stock Show Goat Challenge has the following eligibility requirements:
  • Open to youth ages 9-19 years of age as of January 1 2024. Eligible youth, with an established residence from the following 14 states may apply: Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
  • Contestants must be eligible to compete at the 2024 Aksarben Stock Show and not have passed their 19th birthday as of January 1, 2024.
  • Youth may not participate if you have previously received scholarship/premiums from a prior Pig Challenge Purple Ribbon Auction or Grand Drive Event. If ineligible, due to previously received scholarship/premiums, youth are allowed to apply in other Aksarben Challenge Programs.
  • Contestants are NOT required to have previously shown at Aksarben.
Important Information to Note:
  • Applications are due March 1st, 2024 at 11:59pm.
  • Distribution of goats will be scheduled in April. Applicants will be notified in early March if they are selected to participate.
  • All communication will be done via email. It is important to actively check your email for updates and important information.
  • Individuals will be scored on record book, interview, showmanship, sponsor letters, average daily gain, and live placing.
  • Top 3 Overall individual scores will be recognized during the “Grand Drive” where they will be announced and awarded scholarship/premiums.
  • Additional Top 3 recognition will be presented at the live show in all areas.
  • The Aksarben Goat Challenge requires a financial agreement between the Stock Show and the participant, in which the Stock Show retains 30% of the market value of the animal to help keep the program perpetual.

Applicant Information

Please describe livestock management experiences
Provide a description of pens/facilities
If so, what years and what species?
Agreement to Participate
Type exhibitor name for signature
Type parent/guardian name for signature
Submission of this form and typing names in for an electronic signature is considered acceptable for making application to enter the 2024 Aksarben Goat Challenge. Submission and electronic signature also means that you understand and agree to:
  • That if selected you must pick-up your animal at a designated location and start immediately for exhibit at the 2024 Aksarben.
  • This is a major commitment and full understand the responsibility in assuming daily care of the animal.
  • There will be ongoing costs associated with the project, including, but not limited to, feed, equipment, potential vet bills, and travel.
  • Following the rules and guidelines set forth by the Aksarben Stock Show.
  • The animal must be exhibited at the 2024 Aksarben Stock Show in the Challenge Division. Animals through the Challenge program are not eligible for other Aksarben Shows.
  • To complete correspondence with sponsors and a record book.
  • To notify the Aksarben Stock Show Staff of any changes to address, email or phone number.
  • To notify the Show Staff and/or Challenge Superintendent of any issues or problems with project animal.
  • That the Aksarben Stock Show reserves the right to take away any animal that is not being properly cared for with no allowance for expenses incurred.
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