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2021 Aksarben DNA Envelope Order Form

DNA Envelope Order Process
1. Fill out the electronic envelope order form - provided address will be considered the 'shipping address'
2. Pay for ordered envelopes
3. Once receipt of order and payment has been received by Aksarben Staff the envelopes will be shipped.

- $6.00 per envelope for all species plus processing fees. This applies to all states eligible for Aksarben.

- Provide a valid email address and phone number, as it will be used to contact you in regards to your envelope order.
- DNA order is nonrefundable.

Who's Ordering?

DNA Envelopes

Ship To:

- $6.00 per envelope for all states
- processing fee may be charged back to buyer
- all DNA envelope orders are final
- no refunds will be given for DNA envelopes
- multiple orders may be submitted
I agree to the terms and conditions
The envelope order will be sent out as soon as we get confirmation of a successful payment. The envelopes will be shipped USPS ground.

Order confirmation will be sent to the email provided above.
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