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Competitive Events and Programs

The AKSARBEN Stock Show provides youth multiple opportunities to get involved by offering additional competitive events in conjunction with the AKSARBEN Stock Show.


Quiz Bowl

4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl competition provides an opportunity for youth to take part in an educational experience during the Annual AKSARBEN Stock Show. The 4-H participants demonstrate their knowledge about animal nutrition, health, genetics, production, current industry issues, or management areas related to beef, swine, meat goat, and sheep.


  • Youth develop positive interests and attitudes about animal science and related careers;
  • Youth gain a base of knowledge of the animal science projects;
  • Youth will utilize skills and abilities to solve everyday situations;
  • Participants will process information, analyze complex problems and make informed decisions regarding current agricultural, environmental, and livestock industry issues;
  • An increased number of participants seek out higher education opportunities and careers related to animal science.
Youth participating in these educational programs have demonstrated decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, self-confidence and teamwork skills in preparing for livestock quiz bowl competitions.

Registration Forms

AKSARBEN Quiz Bowl Registration Form

National Quiz Bowl Registration Form
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Livestock Judging Contest

The AKSARBEN Stock Show hosts the AKSARBEN Livestock Judging Contests for Senior and Junior Colleges and 4-H teams. The contest is open to all states.
Sunday, October 1st, 7:30 a.m. during AKSARBEN Stock Show.
Rules and a print application for the Livestock Judging Contests will be available soon.

Hotel Information
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Premier Exhibitor
The Premier Exhibitor program provides an opportunity for 4-H Exhibitors to recognize excellence in the demonstration of their project production and management knowledge while strengthening decision making and communication skills. A Premier Exhibitor is selected in the following divisions: Dairy, Horse, Beef, Market Lamb, Meat Goat and Market Swine. Division winners are eligible to apply for a $1,000 educational scholarship.
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