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DNA Nomination Information

Online Entries

Entrys in 2017 will be done entirely online. The system should be live by July 24th. We have extended our entry deadline to August 31. More information will be posted shortly, as well as an instructional guide.
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The AKSARBEN Stock Show, currently the largest 4-H Stock Show in the United States, is a regional show open to 4-H members from Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.
For your assistance, a County Office Handbook can be downloaded below to ease the entry process for County Offices and exhibitors. Additional entry information and forms will be provided in July.

New for 2017:
Iowa 4-H exhibitors will follow a separate set of animal nomination and retinal image verification processes as a pilot project for 2017. This will involve all Iowa market beef, market sheep and market goat nominations for 2017. Please refer to the Iowa 4-H Livestock ID page for details, http://www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/page/livestock-id. Iowa market hog, feeder calf and breeding heifer nominations will be the same as all other states’ nomination process.

Swine Identification: The official identification for market swine nominations can be either EID tags or Ear notches.
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Exhibitor Information

New Address:
7101 Mercy Rd Ste 320
P.O. Box 6276
Omaha, NE 68106


Market Beef
- April 15 to County Extension Office
- April 20 to AKSARBEN Office
- May All Market Beef DNA Verified online

Sheep, Swine, Meat Goats and Feeder Calves
- July 8 All Market Broiler request forms due to AKSARBEN Office
- June 15 to County Extension Office
- June 20 to AKSARBEN Office
- July All Sheep, Swine, Meat Goats and Feeder Calves DNA Verified online

Nomination Form Due Dates
Breeding Heifer, Dairy cattle and Horses
- June 15 to County Extension Offices
- June 20 to AKSARBEN Office

- August 31 Entries entered online.

- Nebraska and South Dakota - $6.00 per Sample (AKSARBEN also processes for both State Fairs)
- Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota and Wyoming - $5.00 per Sample

All Necessary AKSARBEN Stock Show forms can be downloaded below. All Forms are to be compeleted by County Extension Offices and submitted to AKSARBEN.


Market Broilers
- July 8 to AKSARBEN Office.
Must purchase 50 birds at cost of $83.50.

Horse Exhibitors

Horse Nomination forms can be found on the Horse Show page

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For additional entry information, or to request materials, please contact the AKSARBEN Stock Show at 402-554-9600 x105 or info@aksarben.org
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