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DNA Nomination Information

Online Entries

Entries in 2017 will be done entirely online. The online entry system is now open. More information available here
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The AKSARBEN Stock Show, currently the largest 4-H Stock Show in the United States, is a regional show open to 4-H members from Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.
For your assistance, a County Office Handbook can be downloaded below to ease the entry process for County Offices and exhibitors. Additional entry information and forms will be provided in July.

New for 2017:
Iowa 4-H exhibitors will follow a separate set of animal nomination and retinal image verification processes as a pilot project for 2017. This will involve all Iowa market beef, market sheep and market goat nominations for 2017. Please refer to the Iowa 4-H Livestock ID page for details, http://www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/page/livestock-id. Iowa market hog, feeder calf and breeding heifer nominations will be the same as all other states’ nomination process.

Swine Identification: The official identification for market swine nominations can be either EID tags or Ear notches.
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Exhibitor Information

New Address:
7101 Mercy Rd Ste 320
P.O. Box 6276
Omaha, NE 68106


Market Beef
- April 15 to County Extension Office
- April 20 to AKSARBEN Office
- May All Market Beef DNA Verified online

Sheep, Swine, Meat Goats and Feeder Calves
- July 8 All Market Broiler request forms due to AKSARBEN Office
- June 15 to County Extension Office
- June 20 to AKSARBEN Office
- July All Sheep, Swine, Meat Goats and Feeder Calves DNA Verified online

Nomination Form Due Dates
Breeding Heifer, Dairy cattle and Horses
- June 15 to County Extension Offices
- June 20 to AKSARBEN Office

- August 31 Entries entered online.

- Nebraska and South Dakota - $6.00 per Sample (AKSARBEN also processes for both State Fairs)
- Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota and Wyoming - $5.00 per Sample

All Necessary AKSARBEN Stock Show forms can be downloaded below. All Forms are to be compeleted by County Extension Offices and submitted to AKSARBEN.


Market Broilers
- July 8 to AKSARBEN Office.
Must purchase 50 birds at cost of $83.50.

Horse Exhibitors

Horse Nomination forms can be found on the Horse Show page

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For additional entry information, or to request materials, please contact the AKSARBEN Stock Show at 402-554-9600 x105 or info@aksarben.org
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